Upon Retirement after 32 years, District Manager is Given $32,000 to Give Back

Deryck Sigh Web Image

It’s rare to see the level of dedication that Deryck Singh brought to his job and his community every single day. Deryck was a valued partner at Stewart’s Shops for 32 years. He gave his time, his energy, his heart and of course ice cream to improve the Schenectady community.

Deryck has been a hands-on part of the Stewart’s commitment to give back to all our shops’ communities. He is the reason the Schenectady Hindu Temple Community Services exists. He led the renovation of an old church and created a place where Guyanese immigrants can find basic support, get an education, jobs, homes, find a community of fellowship. More importantly, he created a vehicle for people to become contributing members of the Schenectady Community.

The Schenectady foundation recognized his leadership with a board membership. Proctors honored him at the Immigrants’ Ball, which honors people who have created the American Dream with support opportunities. Stewart’s Shops/Dake Family supported the Immigrants Ball with a contribution and nominated Deryck Singh. All proceeds from The Immigrants’ Ball will benefit the dozens of programs and scholarships to ensure equal opportunities for all. Bill and Susan Dake attended the event and said they are very glad he was recognized.

Deryck recently retired from Stewart’s Shops after a remarkable 32-year career. To celebrate his retirement, Stewart’s Shops/Dake Family honored Deryck with a $32,000 pledge for his 32 years of service, to be used in Schenectady for a charity or charities of his choice.

This is the first time Stewart’s Shops has done something like this for a retiree, and it is a direct result of Deryck’s passion for giving back.

Winston Churchill said it best, “You make a living by getting, you make a life by giving.”

Deryck, you have made a life for so many!

You will be missed!