Stewart’s Shops Has Allocated Over $790,000 in COVID-19 Relief to Nonprofits

Stewart's Offers COVID-19 relief Aid

In these difficult times, we are happy to be delivering some positive news. Stewart’s Shops has a long-standing history of giving back to nonprofits in the communities that we serve. During these difficult times, the need is even more prevalent. COVID-19 has negatively impacted many groups in different ways and Stewart’s Shops is helping in a big way. With an increased demand on services, many nonprofits are experiencing strains on budget, staffing and resources.

“Stewart’s and the Dake Family believe that nonprofit organizations are essential to the well-being of all our shops’ communities. We are committed to helping them provide important services during these challenging times and in the future,” according to Susan Dake, president of the Stewart’s Foundation.

To date, Stewart’s has allocated $790,000 of financial assistance to 209 organizations. This support is above and beyond the company’s annual charitable contributions. In addition to the monetary support, thousands of gift certificates for milk and eggs have been sent to food pantries to cope with the overwhelming spike in demand for food. Schools have received countless ice cream certificates to reward students for their hard work during these trying times. As the arts try and maintain their motto, ‘the show must go on’ with virtual concerts and art fairs, Stewart’s has supported them with funding to assist their sustainability. Monetary donations are also used to provide PPE products to organizations like the United Way.

Erin Gutierrez Matt, CEO of The United Way of the Valley and Greater Utica Area says, “We are extremely appreciative of the Stewart’s/Dake Family to our COVID-19 relief efforts. Your support will assist many individuals during these challenging times. We have continual requests for PPE products which are now more readily available.”

Nonprofit Applications Currently Being Accepted

Stewart’s supports the following nonprofits: Arts, Education, Recreation, Health, Social Services, and Civic groups. The company is committed to giving back to the communities in which they are located, donating approximately $2.5 million a year to local non-profits with The Dake Family Foundations contributing an additional $5 million. The company is currently accepting COVID-19 Relief applications from nonprofits in need.