Stewart’s Shops Teams Up with the Dutchess County Community Action Partnership to Help 65 Families in Need!

Pine Plains Food Distribution During COVID-19

Given the current circumstances, many individuals are out of work. Food pantries and nonprofit organizations are seeing many families struggle to put food on the table and these organizations are having difficulties keeping up with the soaring demand.

So when the Dutchess County Community Action Partnership asked us if they could use our parking lot at our Pine Plains shop as a distribution point to provide food for families in need in the community, we were happy to help.

Many volunteers, including Stewart’s Partners, helped to distribute essentials and groceries for those in need. It was a beautiful afternoon and this initiative was able to help many families in need.

According to Samantha Riley, Director of Family Resources for Community Action Partnership for Dutchess County, “This was a total success! We gave food to 65 families in the Pine Plains area. Thank you!”

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