Stewart’s Chocolate Milk for Sports Recovery!

two half gallons of Stewarts chocolate milk. Its Flavor Time.

The weather is turning warmer and many are starting to get more active. After a good workout, you’ll need to refuel your body. Stewart’s 1% Chocolate milk contains high-quality protein and key electrolytes – this great tasting choice naturally has more essential nutrients than you’ll find in your typical sports drink. Stewart’s milk and chocolate milk are always Fresh and Local, making it a great choice for a post-workout drink.

 The National Milk Processor Promotion Board says,

“Lowfat chocolate milk contains high-quality protein to help repair and rebuild muscles after strenuous exercise. It’s also been shown to help athletes tone up – gain more lean muscle and lose fat – compared to drinking a carb-only drink… chocolate milk naturally provides some of the same electrolytes that are added to commercial recovery drinks – including calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium.”

Curious to keep learning? Read more from the study here.