Our Newest Clifton Park Shop is Open!

Exterior of Vischer Ferry Stewart's Shop

On your way to the apple orchard, school or work, you have probably noticed our beautiful new Stewart’s Shop on Vischer Ferry Rd., how could you not? This Stewart’s Shop was a little different; we had to work around an entire plaza of stores. And where we built our new shop, once stood a Hair Salon and Spa. We replaced the salon with a brand new building and they got to be a part of the design process, how exciting!

Old and New
You will also notice that this shop has a brick exterior to match the existing plaza exterior, resembling the look of older Stewart’s Shops. But the clapboard siding on the top of the shop, along with the expanded parking, gas and interior layout have all the features of the new Stewart’s Shops you know and love.

Donation to the Clifton Park YMCA
In honor of the grand opening, we will donate $2,000 to the YMCA for support of their scholarship program. Executive Director, Sarah Heslin said, “Thank you so much for thinking of the Y and donating $2,000 to support our annual campaign to help families in need, this is so generous of you to do!”