Stewarts Shops

70 years of Stewart’s Shops history has been captured in a magazine! View the online version here.


Stewart’s Shops has been in business for more than 70 years, continually evolving to meet your needs and changing the industry in the process. Today there are over 335 Stewart’s Shops located in 31 counties across upstate New York and southern Vermont, with two thirds of our shops selling gas.

Family and Employee-Owned

Stewart’s Shops employs over 4,500 people in our shops, dairy, ice cream plant, distribution center and corporate offices.

You can expect better, friendlier service from our partners because they have an increased sense of pride in their work, now that they own nearly 40% of the company through the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), known as “Profit Sharing.” That’s why our employees are called “Partners.” Unlike a 401K, the ESOP is 100% company paid.

For more information on our ESOP, as well as medical insurance, death benefits and paid vacation offered at Stewart’s Shops click here.

Vertical Integration

We give you high quality products at better prices because we manufacture and/or distribute ¾ of what we sell. The partners in our shops are better able to support you thanks to the support they receive from the plant and distribution center.

Our dairy, ice cream plant, and warehouse covers more than five acres of a 50 acre parcel in Greenfield, just outside of Saratoga Springs. This is where we make our high quality products including fresh milk, ice cream, refresher drinks and juices. We have also expanded our Stewart’s Kitchen, where over 16 different kinds of hot foods are produced daily, including chili, mac & cheese, soups, meatballs. We also make our line of “Now and Then” entrees such as Chicken Alfredo, Penne Marinara in meat sauce, and Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes. In addition to hot foods, we make our own pudding and yogurt parfaits, deli salads, and green salads.

We also have over 100 Stewart’s label items manufactured by the best suppliers, including bread, soda, chips, and candy, which we distribute ourselves to save the customer money. We are also one of the few distribution centers with its own warehouse beer permit so we can ship some of the beer we sell in our shops.

Having enough products to sell in our shops is a key to our success. We fill all shop orders with over 99% precision. Our partners wear headsets and are relayed the needs of each individual shop through an automated system.

The items are placed in reusable tote. We call this process single picking, which means a shop does not have to receive large quantities of products to stay in stock. We keep our stores small enough to only need a few items at a time, not an entire case. It keeps inventory under control as well as the freshness of the product.

Stewart's delivery Truck

Each tote is shipped out on our own trucks. We distribute within a 150 mile radius of our plant and warehouse, to maintain quality and freshness. Stewart’s utilizes a fleet of approximately 50 vehicles that are used to deliver product, gas and pickup milk from local farms. Each year, our delivery drivers travel over 3 million miles.

There is a repair shop at the warehouse, where we are able to fix our shop equipment, like coffee makers and cash registers, and ship them back to the shops quickly. We also have a shop services department to handle issues with our gas pumps, plumbing fixtures, and even our signs and display pieces. Any cardboard packaging is also returned back to the plant to save on trash bills and allows us to be more environmentally friendly.

The entire plant, distribution, and warehouse facility provides our shops with the support and services they need to give our customers the best service and the freshest, high quality products at a great value.

Take a tour of the plant here.

Farm Fresh

You are guaranteed the freshest dairy products because or milk and eggs are collected daily from family farms near our plant.

Our own Stewart’s tankers pick up milk from more than 30 local dairy farms and bring it to our dairy. The milk is then pasteurized and packaged, usually taking 24 to 48 hours to go from the cow to our shop. This is also used to make our dozens of delicious ice cream flavors and dairy products including buttermilk, eggnog, and half & half.

Our eggs come fresh from Thomas’ Poultry Farm in Schuylerville, near our dairy. We purchase nearly 54,000 eggs per day!


Stewart’s Shops is also committed to giving back to the community. The company donates approximately $2.5 million a year to local non-profits and the two Dake family foundations each contribute an equivalent amount. Notably, the 2016 Stewart’s Holiday Match program set a record for the third consecutive season, raising over $1.85 million for local children’s organizations, and more than $24 million to date. Learn more about our contributions and request a donation here.