Tupper Arts, We Are Closer To You

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Tupper Arts in Tupper Lake, New York is running a capital campaign to support their new and improved art center.

We supported this project with a $25,000 donation. Tupper Arts’ mission is to nurture the arts, artists, and community life in Tupper Lake. The lake has a rich history as a vibrant, self-sustaining artistic community. Through outreach programs Tupper Arts strives to pass this tradition down to younger generations.

They host a variety of summer camps and programs to expose children to the arts. Through Tupper Arts, kids have so many choices and gain so much exposure to the arts. Their programs include fused glass workshops, theatre camps, open mic events and more! Their location is right in the “main drag” of the town and walking distance from the high school and middle school making access easy for kids.

The Dance Sanctuary is perfect for all ages, providing classes in all types of dance from hip hop to jazz and everything in between! Their gallery has showings suitable or all ages and always includes local artists. They’ve had a complete textile show, hosted a husband-and-wife exhibits titled “He paints, she quilts” and even a local girl who specializes in special effect makeup.

The art center is truly a centerpiece of the community and provides such a good service.

Visit https://www.tupperarts.org/classes-for-kids to learn more and sign up for classes! Stay up to date with their upcoming gallery shows on their calendar.