The real value of Stewart’s Refreshers

You’ve learned to graze and nibble in a Stewart’s Shop throughout the day. We’ve noticed that the first thing many customers do in the summer is graze our beverages. That’s because we have more than 100 ways to get Un-Thirsty!

You know you always have a selection and you always get a great value. While we carry most of the national brands for you but one of the best values in a Stewart’s Shop are the Stewart’s Refreshers. Why pay 50% more?

  • Stewart’s Refreshers are fresh, not hot packed
  • Coded in days vs. months
  • Not paying for national advertising
  • The variety covers all the things you could want to drink
  • Fresh and local dairy, from the farm to the shop in 48 hours or less.

Have you ever noticed the variety in the Stewart’s Refresher line? From juice, teas, milks, dairy shakes, coffees, lemonade, and energy drinks and year-round eggnog.

Stewart’s Refreshers are made at the Stewart’s Manufacturing and Distribution Plant in Greenfield, NY. The bottles are even made at the plant using a blow-mold machine and filled with the fresh Refresher flavors.

Take a minute to see how Stewart’s Refreshers are made for you!