The Make Your Own Scholarship Program Awards a Record Number of Scholarships This Year!

MYO Scholarship. A group of students around Philly Dake

The MYO Scholarship Selection Committee has awarded $515,750 to 96 students in the Stewart’s family for the 2023 – 2024 academic year! Students in this program will be attending major universities, SUNY colleges, community colleges, and vocational schools.

In 1999, Philly Dake established the Make Your Own Scholarship program to help parents with the high cost of a college education. She used the Make Your Own phrase to emphasize that students are in control of their education. Philly understood that although money provides an opportunity, true learning only occurs when students apply themselves to the task and discover that you do indeed Make Your Own education. To learn more about Philly Dake and the amazing things she has done at Stewart’s Shops scroll to the bottom of this page.

This scholarship program has provided over 1,700 scholarships totaling nearly $7 million since 1999!

The immediate family members of any of our active Partners are eligible for the scholarship. The program has made college and career dreams come true and has lessened the financial burden on many families. We’ve seen the program help to shape scientists, musicians, performers, accountants, artists, business professionals, doctors, professors, and many other career paths.

This program is just one of the many benefits of working at Stewart’s Shops. Any eligible dependent of a current Stewart’s employee seeking education beyond high school can apply. To learn more about our benefits like the Make Your Own scholarship, ESOP and more, visit our career page.

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Philly Dake

Make Your Own Sundaes

In 1948 Philly Dake created the Make Your Own Sundae concept, which remains a flagship treat at Stewart’s Shops’ cone counters. Customers can choose any flavor at the ice cream counter and decorate it with as many delicious toppings as they’d like. Toppings include chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, marshmallow, pineapple, rainbow sprinkles, mini M&Ms® and more! The idea was an extension of the Make Your Own Coffee and Make Your Own Hotdog programs that can only be found at Stewart’s Shops.

Did you know? Philly Vanilla is named after Philly as well! Philly Vanilla is one of our most popular flavors and gets its rich flavor from the highest quality vanilla beans sourced from Madagascar.

A natural philanthropist, Philly Dake was always finding ways to give back. In 1999, she created the Make Your Own College Scholarship Program to help the children of Stewart’s with college costs. Over 500 students have been awarded financial assistance since the program began in 1999. This program has awarded almost $7 million for over 1,700 scholarships. On average, that’s more than $300,000 each year.

Philly Dake was the Executive Vice President of Stewart’s Shops and was a key leader for 50 years.