Take a Photographic Tour of The Stewart’s Manufacturing and Distribution Plant!

Arial View of the Plant

Stewart’s Shops has recently expanded its manufacturing and distribution plant! The new addition just finished, added 54,000 square feet to the plant. With the added height of the new addition, that’s 2,100,000 of cubic square feet.

Our plant is crucial to our success and is the key to our vertical integration. Our vertical integration is one of the reasons we can navigate the challenges many businesses are facing today. We distribute 85% of what we sell in our shops. Stewart’s Shops takes pride in being able to cut out the middle man and offering high-quality products at a low cost for our customers. Without the plant, much of what we do would be impossible. Our loading and receiving docks, our 15,000 square foot freezer supports our ice cream production, we have an in-house print shop, food lab and kitchen as well as  many more departments all call the plant home.

We like to say that we MOO for you, or Make Our Own. At the plant, we do more than you may think. You know we make our own ice cream from local milk but did you know we make our own bottles in the plant?

The new expansion gives us plenty of room to grow in the future and keep providing you with the Stewart’s products you love!  Check out the video below to learn more about the plant and how important it is to us.

Here We Grow Again!

Stewart’s Shops Plant Tour from Stewart’s Shops Corp on Vimeo.