Stewart’s Story: Meet Brandi The Shop Manager of 5th Ave In Troy!

Meet Brandy the shop manager

Brandi is the shop manager of 5th Avenue in Troy and has been with Stewart’s for 11 years. A great work ethic and never-ending energy is what she says got her to where she is today. Brandi had great role models as her parents who instilled in her, the notion of working hard for what you want at an early age. She continues to promote that mindset with her partners. Encouraging them to do their best and supporting their career goals at Stewart’s. She started as a part time closer and knew this was the company for her when Stewart’s provided her with a more financially stable long-term position that her previous employment at Rent-A-Center. It didn’t take long for her to grow her position to Shop Manager. Aside from a flexible schedule, ESOP and great health benefits, she really appreciated all the growth incentives the company offers shops. When the shops does well, all the Partners benefit. That’s what you’ll always find in her shop. As a manager Brandi is 100% a team player. She can be found stocking shelves, scooping ice cream, and mentoring her crew. She wants all her partners to succeed and do their best. A positive atmosphere is what she promotes every day, from open to close.