Stewart’s Story: Meet Akeem the Shop Manager!

Akeem Stewart's Partner

Meet Akeem!

Akeem has been a Stewart’s partner for 7 years and is currently a shop manager. When he first started, he was going to school full time while working as a Partner. He found that Stewart’s gave him the flexibility he needed to maintain his school schedule while working the hours that he wanted. After graduation, he grew his position at Stewart’s, working his way up from a Partner to a shift supervisor and eventually a manager. His dedication and great work ethic made his rise to Manager very easy. He creates a positive atmosphere in his shop, makes sure his Partners feel supported and takes care of his customers. He strives to do his best and make sure his store is doing its best, creating a top tier experience for everyone. To make sure everything is going well; Akeem looks forward to share agreements. These are one on one meetings Akeem has with each of his partners 4 times a year where they can discuss how things are going and what can be improved. He has found this level of transparency creates more open communication and a stronger team!