Stewart’s Shops Partners Act Quick and Help to Save Man’s Life in Yorkville!

Yorkville Manager

George Ford is a regular at the Stewart’s Shop on Champlin Avenue in Yorkville, NY. All of the Partners know him by name and they knew something wasn’t quite right when he came into the shop recently.

Nikki, the Shop Manager said she saw him slumped over his passenger seat in the parking lot and she knew something was wrong. She went outside to check on him and he got out out of the car clutching his chest.

Nikki said that she knows her customers well, she knows their routines and she knows when something isn’t right.

Abigail, the shift manager was also working that day and wanted to help when she saw that something was wrong with George. Both girls sat with him, gave him water and kept him calm.

When George told them he was having a hard time breathing, they knew they needed to call for help.

George didn’t know it at the time, but he was having a massive heart attack.

The girls acted quickly and called 9-1-1.  The doctors at St. Elizabeth’s told George that he was minutes from dying and Nikki and Abigail saved his life!

George said that he can never thank these girls enough for what they did that day.

Kudos to Abigail and Nikki for acting quickly and saving a man’s life! We are so proud to work with you and call you Stewart’s Partners!