Stewart’s Shares: Barkeater Trails Alliance Donation

Barkeater Trails

The Barkeater Trails Alliance (BETA) builds and maintains and advocates for backcountry trails in the greater high peaks region of the Adirondack Park. Their alliance is focused on a sense of community for backcountry skiing and mountain biking.

They have been very busy since the start of the season. Since April they’ve engaged nearly 100 volunteers in trail projects across the region and our Trail Crew has logged more than 720 hours of construction and stewardship work. In mid-June the BETA Trail Crew completed 5 weeks of work in Elizabethtown, NY. The town is working toward a new, multi-use community path for non-motorized activities.

We donated to the alliance to help with their East Branch Community Trails project. These trails will allow hikers, mountain bikers, trail runners and non-motorized winter travel to access key points of the property and serve as the backbone of the larger trail system. All trails will maintain a natural character by being built sustainably and with an effort to blend with the natural landscape.

In 2021, the Keene Youth Commission came together with the Town of Keene, Barkeater Trails Alliance and members of the community. Their aim was to address the town of Keene’s strategic plan goal to “provide safe, positive and ecologically sound recreation experiences for residents and visitors alike.”

We were so happy to support this amazing project and cannot wait to see the final trails. Happy Hiking!

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