Stewart’s Partner Helps First Responders During House Explosion in Berne!

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We are always proud of the work our shop Partners do, but we’re especially proud when they’re able to go above and beyond for our communities. This was the case on Friday, June 4th, during a massive fire caused by a house explosion in Berne, NY.

Men and women from several fire companies answered the call and rushed to fight the fire, which they continued to do until the early hours of the morning. As it got later, the East Berne Ladies Auxiliary set out to find some food and drinks to help ensure everyone kept up their strength. In a Facebook post regarding the experience, Tammy Petruska from the Ladies Auxiliary said, “We knew we would have to do more than the usual protein bars and snacks at 2:30 in the morning, there isn’t much of anything open. We made a few calls only to be told ‘Sorry, I’m the only one here, I wouldn’t be able to do that.’ Luckily, the Stewart’s Shop in Fuera Bush was open and our Partner, Hunter, was happy to help!

In an hour, Hunter got together over 30 eggwiches and a few dozen hardrolls for the fire fighters, fire police, and EMTs! The Ladies Auxiliary thanked Hunter, saying “Because you were willing to go above and beyond when you answered our call, we were able to continue taking care of our local heroes, and that makes YOU a HERO in my book.” While Hunter said it made him feel great to be able to help that night, he commented, “I was just paying it forward to the first responders. Those are the real heroes.”

Thank you to Hunter, the East Berne Ladies Auxiliary, and all the first responders who helped keep our communities safe that night!