South Potsdam Shop #370 Partners Donate Caffeine to Front-line Workers

we're all in this together firefighter and coffee

As a community, we are facing challenging times. Medical professionals, first responders, and essential workers are working incredibly hard right now, and South Potsdam Shop #370 wanted to honor those front-line workers.  While it’s easy to say “thank you”, the Partners at the South Potsdam shop wanted to do more than just say it, so this week they proudly donated coffee to The Potsdam Fire Dept, The Potsdam Police Department, The Potsdam Volunteer Rescue Squad, and the Emergency Room staff of Canton-Potsdam Hospital. Enjoy the caffeine, and thank you for all you do for our community!

potsdam nurse with stewarts coffee potsdam rescue team with stewarts coffee

potsdam police officer with stewarts coffee potsdam firefighter with stewarts coffee

Our hope is that everyone remains courteous to one another because we’re all in this together. In addition, Stewart’s Shops thanks our hard-working partners and appreciates their extra effort during this trying time.