New Limited-Edition Pint: Bananas Foster

Made with a pineapple and banana ice cream it features a salty, sweet bananas foster swirl, a truly perfect combination. Bananas Foster pint and dessert.

Available in all shops, you can find our new limited-edition Bananas Foster!

This ice cream flavor, available in prepackaged pints, is our delicious twist to a true American classic. Traditional Bananas Foster is a decadent dessert featuring ripe bananas caramelized in a rich sauce of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and rum, served over vanilla ice cream.

Bananas Foster Pint cutout This pint is completely unique in comparison to our other flavors. Made with a banana and pineapple ice cream it features a salty, sweet banana foster swirl, a truly perfect combination.

Did you know? Our Prepackaged Pints are made with a super-rich formula that takes our delicious ice cream to a whole new level. The formula incorporates more fruit, nuts, swirls, and candies to give you some extra sweetness in every spoonful.

We use more cream when making our pint ice cream, giving it a heavier, creamier consistency! We also incorporate less air into the ice cream, unlike competitors. Premium ice creams like our Prepackaged Pints contain less air, which results in a creamier, richer taste!

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