Let’s Start 2024 With Some Civility!

Amid economic uncertainty and unrest worldwide, let's embrace 2024 with a smile and a scoop of Civility ice cream! Picture of civility ice cream cone.

It’s sweet. It’s creamy with hints of salty caramel. There are absolutely “no nuts.” And it’s making a comeback.

Stewart’s Shops is starting off the new year by bringing back Civility ice cream.

At a time when the world has more than its fair share of unrest and economic uncertainty, let’s head into 2024 with an extra scoop of Civility!

Stewart’s and the Dake family have been making ice cream for more than a century and one of the many lessons they’ve learned is when people eat ice cream, they usually have a smile on their face.

“We see this as an opportunity to ask everyone to take a moment to enjoy the sweeter things in life,” said Stewart’s Shops president Gary Dake. ‘We hope it’s a reminder that we may think differently but we still can respect each other and maybe even share an extra scoop or a smile.”

Let’s head into the new year with some civility.

Starting this week, the limited-edition Civility ice cream will be available at our ice cream counter.

Stewart’s Shops, bringing people together!