Kindness is Contagious, Especially when Ice Cream is Involved!

Troy Stewart's Shop donates ice cream to Homework Club in Troy

During the last pint ice cream sale, Eddie Bell, Stewart’s Shop Manager of the shop on Congress Street, encouraged customers to ‘Buy a Pint of ice cream and Give a Pint’. This initiative was an effort to support REACT, which stands for the Resident Empowered Action Council of Troy, a city-wide resident organization for all of Troy Housing Authority. And his customers were happy to give their support.

Over 75 Pints Were Enjoyed
On Monday, September 30, 2019, the Homework Club at Griswold Heights hosted an Ice Cream Social so that parents of children attending could meet staff. Staff and volunteers from the Troy Housing Authority and REACT served ice cream while the children and families said thank you to Eddie Bell and Stewart’s District Manager, Bill Majewski, who attended the event. Because of strong community support, over 75 pints of ice cream were delivered to the event.

Children enjoying ice cream

“Stewart’s is a great partner in our community and we are grateful that they recognize the good work being done by the Troy Housing Authority and REACT, Inc.,” said Susan J.W. Steele, Board Chair at the Troy Housing Authority.

Eddie Bell was familiar with REACT based on his involvement with the Stewart’s Holiday Match Program. Each year REACT receives approximately $2,000.00 through Holiday Match which is used for Education and Recreation supplies at the Homework Clubs at various Troy Housing Authority sites.

Eddie Bell embodies the values that Stewart’s Shops stands for, including strong community ties and giving back to those in need.

Bell states, “In 2019, Stewart’s Shops and related family foundations will donate $7.5 million to local charities. These smaller events, where we get to interact with the people receiving our donations, are very meaningful to me.”

Continuing the Good Work
Eddie’s good work will continue as he is encouraging customers to buy one half-gallon this week as well as give one. This initiative will continue with the generous support of his customers.

It is becoming very apparent, especially in this Stewart’s Shop in Troy, NY, that kindness is contagious.

On Monday, the Troy Police purchased thirty-six 1/2 gallons of ice cream to donate to the Boys and Girls Club.

Troy city Police donated 36 1/2 gallons of ice cream

And on Tuesday, a Red Bull representative and Mr. Subb employee bought and donated dozens of 1/2 gallons of ice cream to donate to local kids.

Red Bull and Mr. Subb donated 1/2 gallons of ice cream

Could it be true? Ice cream really does make people nicer!

At Stewart’s Shops, We Are Closer to You