It’s back! Cherry Loves Chocolate makes a return

Featured Image- cherry loves chocolate ice cream for a Valentine's Day treat.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, what better time to bring back Cherry Loves Chocolate ice cream.

This sweet cherry ice cream has dark chocolate flakes and pieces of red cherries.

This flavor will only be back for a limited time so make sure you stop by the cone counter today. Try it in a milkshake or in a waffle cone with chocolate sprinkles. Stock up and get a hand packed pint too!

It’s Flavor Time.

The reviews are in:

Colleen G. says, “I like the new flavor Cherry Loves Chocolate better than Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia and will get yours anytime it is available over theirs.”

Shannon W. says, “It’s just as good and actually creamier than Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.”