Holiday Match Tally Update: Hear from a Holiday Match Recipient

Adirondack Experience Museum

With only a few collection days left, our customers are showing us the true meaning of the holiday spirit, GIVING! As of Wednesday, December 23rd, we have collected over $800,000 and with the Stewart’s Match, that’s over $1.6 million going to childrens’ charities in your backyard!

Your donations truly make a difference! Stewart’s Holiday Match program helped over 1,700 nonprofits just last year. One of the many organizations we were able to help was the Adirondack Experience Museum.

The Adirondack Experience is an educational gem in Blue Mountain Lake. This museum provides an Adirondack education every year to thousands of students and families. The interactive exhibits and traveling classrooms captivate students and adults alike.

Without outside contributions and funding, the museum would not be able to add new exhibits and provide this invaluable education.

The Adirondack Experience has been a Holiday Match recipient for many years and they are forever thankful to Stewart’s customers for their generous donations to the Holiday Match program.

See how your donations make a difference: