Grow your business at Stewart’s Shops

Are you a contractor, banker or car dealer looking for customers?

Maybe you earn your living in landscaping, painting or real estate sales.

Stewart’s Shops can help!

Stewart’s is not only a one-stop shop for fresh sandwiches, milk, ice cream and cool drinks, we also have a captive audience for companies looking to attract new business.

We offer an innovative, affordable advertising program, enabling businesses to reach our loyal customers throughout upstate New York and western Vermont.

Advertisers can find new leads by playing audio messages at any of our 325 Stewart’s Shops with a gas island.

Stewart’s also offers video advertising through our in-shop flat screen Stewart’s TVs (STVs) and speaker systems located at all 358 shops in the company.

Stewart’s advertising is affordable and can be tailored to focus on a single county or any of the 32 counties where our shops are located. The total campaign cost can be as low as 5 cents per ad.

Ads can run up to 45 times per day.

The gas island audio and in-shop STV advertising programs are sold separately. We do not permit advertising campaigns involving political, religious, controversial or recruiting material through these programs.

Over the past year, banks, auto dealers, roofers, martial arts instructors, ski resorts and heating and ventilation companies are among the long list of businesses that have advertised on Stewart’s STVs or at our gas pumps.

These advertising programs also have become a popular avenue for nonprofits and civic organizations looking to promote festivals and community events.

If you want to advertise, but don’t have a commercial or radio spot ready, don’t worry, Stewart’s also can help with production for an additional fee.

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