Great Easy Grab and Go Meals

Stewarts partner handing a bag to a woman and a child

The weather is getting colder, and dining outdoors is becoming less appealing. We’re also hearing from customers, friends, and family that cooking so many meals at home is becoming exhausting. Let’s face it, not everyone is in the mood for the same thing each night and you need a break. Stewart’s Shops to the rescue with grab and go options to satisfy everyone.

Great Easy Grab and Go Dinners from Stewart’s Shops Corp on Vimeo.

Stewart’s Shops is a quick and easy stop whether you’re on your way home from the office, picking the kids up at school, or just want to leave the house for change of scenery. The variety of great, easy food that is hot and ready may surprise you. Strike that, it will surprise you! From green salads, sandwiches, and subs, to hot and hearty options like chicken sandwiches, tenders, and wraps, Cheeseburgers, Make Your Own Hot Dogs, meatball subs, hot entrees, pizza, and so much more. There is something for everyone in your family.

Plus, while you’re here getting dinner, you can grab those grocery fill in items that get you ready for the next day. Again, you may not realize just how much you can get at Stewart’s Shops. Pet foods, grocery items, essentials (like toilet paper and paper towels), New York State’s Best Milk, local eggs, and so much more; like dessert! Ice cream is the great American comfort food and we could all use a little comfort right now.

These days life is more complicated and there is more to remember. Stewart’s Shops has the great, easy food and groceries taken care of! Now, the only thing left is for you to remember to charge your kid’s Chrome Book for school – unfortunately, we can’t help you there.
a group of chicken sandwiches in different flavorsgreen salads on a cutting board with salad ingredients in the backgroundA variety of hot dogs with different toppings