Great All Day Food Options at Stewart’s

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Other places have limited menus depending on the time of the day, not us. Our great food options are available all day so you can satisfy whatever cravings you have, whenever you have them!

If it’s past 10:30am and you still want breakfast, no problem. Other places stop serving breakfast at a certain time but who decided when breakfast is “over”? Our delicious Eggwiches are available all day. You can choose from bacon, sausage and in some stores even turkey sausage.  If your favorite is not in the warmer, just ask a Partner for one. Of course, our coffee is available from open to close. Our hot and iced coffee the perfect way to start your day or for an afternoon pick me up. Stick with regular or try one of our rotational flavors. Don’t forget about our pastries. They pair perfectly with our coffee and add a little sweetness to your day.

Where else can you go to get a hot prepared lunch option at 8am? Stop in and look in the warmer for one of our all-day hot foods to go options. You can also order pizza right when our shops open. The coolers in the shops have great premade subs and snack perfect for any time of the day.

Who says you can’t have ice cream for breakfast! Want to start your day off with a milkshake or a scoop of your favorite flavor, you can at our shops. Our cone counter has any of our ice cream options available all day.

Our all-day food options make sure that no matter what you’re in the mood for, no matter what time of day,you can find it at our shops.

Making Your Life Easier.