From Montreal to NYC, An EV Trip Made Easy with Stewart’s Shops & NYPA

Hydro Quebec EV Charging at EVolve Charger

Stewart’s Shops has 12 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations across New York State and Vermont. On Wednesday, July 12th we had a special visitor at Shop #382 Wade Road in Latham, NY stop by to use one of our NYPA EVolve Charging Stations.

Hydro Quebec arranged for an EV driver to travel from Montreal to New York City to promote the use of electric vehicles. The trip was arranged to show EV drivers that driving an EV from these two cities is easy, especially when there are convenient charging stops like Stewart’s Shops with universal charging stations!

Hydro Quebec Vehicle Charging at NYPA EVolve Charger

Stewart’s Shops has many convenient locations with NYPA and Tesla charging stations. There are several locations along the Northway, I-87 where you can charge, which are strategically placed to reduce range anxiety. This is the stress an EV driver feels when traveling with a fully electric vehicle, as there can sometimes be long distances between available charging stations. It can be daunting to drive an EV when you are unsure of where the next charging station is, or if there are no convenient stops along your route.

Map of Stewart's EV Charging Stations Across NY and VT

Map of Stewart’s Shops with EV Chargers – Tesla Chargers (Red), NYPA Chargers (Blue), Both Tesla & NYPA (Black), Tesla Universal Charger (Green) – Above Image is a Zoomed Out Snapshot of the Map & Below Image is a Zoomed-In Snapshot of the Map Focusing on the Capital Region

Map of Stewart's EV Charging Station Locations

Stewart’s Shops currently has 12 locations equipped with EV charging stations. Five of them have Tesla Superchargers, five have NYPA EVolve stations, and one location has both a Tesla and a NYPA Charging Station. We also have Tesla Superchargers in Malta that are universal, allowing them to charge any EV. All Stewart’s EV chargers are Level 3 Direct Current Fast Chargers or DCFCs.

With our Level 3 DCFCs your EV should be fully charged in 20-30 minutes. The perfect amount of time to go into the shop, grab a drink, a bite to eat, and if you’re feeling that summer heat maybe even some delicious ice cream!

To learn more about Stewart’s Shops Eco-Responsibility and Energy Initiatives click here.

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