Did You Know? Stewart’s Shops Makes a Great Part Time Job!

Title image for part time hiring blog post. Stewart's Partner holding Ice Cream.

Letter from a Partner:

I was asked the question, “Why does Stewart’s make a great part time job?”

I’ve been working at Stewart’s since 2018, my senior year of high school. At first, I wasn’t sure if this was the right job for me. I used to be very shy and was nervous about interacting with customers. Turns out that choosing to work at my local shop was one of the best decisions I could’ve made for my career, I just didn’t know it back then.

After my first few months working, I quickly learned why people saw Stewart’s Shops as their neighborhood shop. My coworkers were an amazing group of people who taught me how to go above and beyond for our customers. All my coworkers, from management to part timers, were such a fun group of hard workers. They were energetic, sociable, friendly, helpful, and were always willing to share tasks to get the job done. By the end of my first summer, I had taken on these amazing characteristics I don’t think I would’ve obtained anywhere else!

I’m someone who likes staying busy at work, and at Stewart’s I was never bored. Between making food, restocking, cleaning, putting out coffee, ringing out customers, and scooping ice cream my shifts would fly by! Plus, the pay was good.

Something I admired and still admire about Stewart’s Shops is their approach to open communication. When I went to college in the fall, I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to get shifts during my breaks. I was very wrong; it couldn’t have been easier to get hours. Before coming home for break I would text my manager asking if he could put me on the schedule for a few shifts. Every single time he said yes. While my other friends were unable to get shifts during those quick college breaks, I was making money. After 4 years of part time work at Stewart’s and full time at college, I asked if there were any internships available at the corporate office. My Manager, District Manager and the Marketing Team at corporate helped to set me up with an internship. I spent this past summer working part time in the shop and at the office. By the end of that summer, I was able to take on a fulltime position on the Marketing Team! There really is room for growth at Stewart’s.

When people ask me what company I work for I’m proud to say Stewart’s Shops. We’re a vertically integrated company, meaning that we rarely outsource work. From the dairy production team to appliance repair to social media, it’s all done by Stewart’s Partners! This year Stewart’s won Best Milk in New York State. This is a huge testament to the quality and freshness of our milk and ice cream. In addition, Stewart’s has an incredible donations department. Last year we donated a total of $9 million to local nonprofit organizations within the communities we serve.

I have recommended the job to friends and family. Two of my friends started working at their local shops based on my recommendation and are still doing part time while they finish their degrees!

Again, this is truly an amazing company. From fresh products to Partners that care to charitable giving, I’m proud to work for and represent Stewart’s Shops.

Claire (5 Year Stewart’s Shops Partner)

Stewart’s Shops Part Time Partner Claire from Stewart’s Shops Corp on Vimeo.