Back to School, Back to Busy Schedules! Make Stewart’s Shops Your Dinner Stop!

Back to school meatballs

We’re known for our ice cream, dairy, and coffee. But did you know we are also your restaurant? We have a ton of options that are quick and convenient. Grab a quick meal after school, after practice, after that meeting or whenever. Stewart’s Shops makes back to school and busy schedules EASY!

Come into any shop for an easy meal all day long. Your day can get started right with breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and coffee. For a quick lunch break stop in for a Make Your Own Hot Dog, chicken tenders, chili, mac & cheese, or one of our soups of the day. Looking for a lighter option, try a green salad. Caesar salad is a fan favorite, but we also have a chef salad and a cranberry pecan salad.

Don’t worry about dinner, at Stewart’s Shops we have you covered. Call ahead & place an order for a pizza for the whole family! We offer full pizzas (in select shops) with your favorite toppings. Pepperoni, cheese, sausage, buffalo chicken, bacon chicken ranch, or supreme so you can make sure to get something to please everyone.

Not in the mood for pizza? Try our hot or cold subs, cheeseburgers, or chicken sandwiches already premade for you.  Our Now and Then pasta dishes are a great choice too; flavors like penne marinara, chicken alfredo, chicken riggies are ready for you to pick up. All our pasta dishes go great with our Stewart’s meatballs!

Stewart’s Shops makes your life easier; our food options are either grab and go or can be made for you in minutes.  Not only is it a convenient stop but the food tastes great too! Don’t believe us? Take our customers word for it.

“People might not think of Stewart’s as a place to eat dinner, but our family enjoyed it more than most restaurants” – Susan from Scotia

“I’m sure all your meals at Solevo and Prime and wherever were enjoyable, but you can’t convince me they were any more satisfying than this @StewartsShops chili.” – Susie(@ponyace) on Twitter