Advertising Opportunities At Stewart’s Shops!

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Have you ever wanted to advertise with Stewart’s Shops? Here is your chance!

Many different organizations and companies choose to advertise through our shops.

We have two different ways to get your message across to our customers and yours. Either through our inside Stewart’s TV’s and/or audio at the gas pumps. We have our TV’s in 353 shops and audio at our gas islands at 322 shops.

Stewart’s Shops positive brand recognition, along with the over 2 million transactions that take place each week at our Shops, provides an incredible opportunity for business’ and products to advertise on our internal Stewart’s TV and outside Gas Island Audio. 15-30 second ads are recommended.

Gas Island 

  • 3-4 plays per hour- average of 8 fueling positions per shop with gas (6am-9pm daily)

Stewart’s TV (STV)

  • The STV’s are centrally located in every shop for high visibility
  • 3-4 plays per hour in each shop
  • 7am-11pm daily

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