1 Day Left For Holiday Match Applications!

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Time is running out to submit your Holiday Match Application, only one day left to get your applications in. The deadline is January 31st.

Thanks to our generous customers and the Stewart’s match, this year we have over $2 million to donate. All the funds support local, nonprofit organizations that support children. Funding can go toward a little league team, backpack program at a school or an arts program at the local library.

One of our last year’s recipients was The Ben Osborn Memorial Fund. This organization addresses the needs of local children through school supplies, tutoring services, winter clothing items, field trip admission expenses, electronics, musical instruments and classes, eyeglasses and more!

To learn more about The Ben Osborn Memorial Fund click here: http://www.benosbornfund.org/

Get your Holiday Match Applications in before January 31st, you can apply at https://www.stewartsshops.com/holiday-match/