Holiday Match Spotlight: Fulton County YMCA

Holiday Match checks will be on their way soon, and we can’t wait to see all the incredible ways these funds will be put to use! One organization who received funds last year, the Fulton County YMCA, took the time to share their story with us on how they used their Holiday Match grant to benefit their Early Learning Center.

Providing essential childcare, The Early Learning Center at the YMCA focuses on meeting the social, emotional, and academic needs of the children in their community. Meeting these needs and providing children with a safe, enriching place to grow is more important than ever given the challenging times we are currently facing. The YMCA used last year’s Holiday Match grant to install a sensory wall in their Early Learning Center. This promotes tactile, visual, and auditory sensory input. The wall, pictured below, is an invitation for children to explore through their senses and encourage their motor skill development. Often, sensory walls like this one offers a sense of calm and comfort during play!

Child playing with a sensory board at the YMCA.                  Child playing with a sensory board at the YMCA.

Holiday Match is a giving program benefitting children’s nonprofit organizations. We match our customers’ donations penny for penny, with no administrative fees. In 2020, with the help of our generous customers we raised more than $1.88 million for the kids in our communities!