Stewart’s Shops Earns Fleet Safety Grand Champion Award!

Stewarts truck

Congratulations to the Stewart’s hauling team for winning the 2022 TANY Safety Council Fleet Safety Award for both the medium class, general commodities truckload category and the large class category. These awards recognize safe driving.

Our team of 125 drivers traveled over 3.8 million miles safely in 2022! Now, that’s a lot of driving!

Stewart’s is committed to having a safe and professional hauling operation. Our combined involvement with vehicle maintenance, compliance with governmental regulations and continual training will guarantee fulfillment of our commitment. In 2020, we added dash cameras to all vehicles in our commercial fleet. The cameras are used as a tool to coach drivers and create a safer driving environment.

Driver safety is top priority for us at Stewart’s Shops. All new drivers are paired with long term driver mentors that take them through every step of training and the delivery process. We also hold bi-weekly driver meetings with the drivers to discuss safety topics

Our safety program offers drivers the opportunity to earn safety money quarterly based on miles driven and stops made. In 2022 our drivers earned $230,000 in safety money. Operating a commercial motor vehicle is a great responsibility and one not taken lightly, at Stewart’s “we get defensive about our driving”.

Where are they driving?
Our drivers ensure our shop shelves are stocked, and they make deliveries to each of our 357 shops every three days. They transport frozen, refrigerated, and dry goods. Yes, all that ice cream is on those trucks! Our fuel drivers transport gasoline, diesel, and kerosene to our shops. And because we process our own milk, our dairy drivers transport bulk milk from local farms back to our manufacturing Plant.

Congratulations to all our amazing drivers.

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