Stewart’s President Continues a Holiday Match Tradition Working in the Top Collection Shops, Where will he work next?

Holiday Match Group shot of Partners with Stewarts president Gary Dake

In Holiday Match tradition, our President Gary Dake worked a shift on Christmas Eve at our Livingston Avenue shop in Albany. This is just one of three shops Gary will visit to personally thank our generous customers and shop partners for their contributions to the Holiday Match campaign. Compared to last Holiday Match season, the shop on Livingston Ave was able to grow their customer contributions by over 244%- an amazing accomplishment mid-way through the season.

Of course, this impressive growth would not have been possible without our loyal and generous customers. Shop regular, Pappa D, took the time to share his experience, saying “I think it’s quite an honor that he would take the time, being the President, to come down and to greet his customers that he never sees here in this area, and to spend time working, and laughing, and talking with them. And he’s actually working the cash registers!”

Gary certainly learns a lot from our staff on these visits! Although Mike, the shop manager, joked that Gary “needed a little minor training at the beginning” he was elated to share this experience with the President of our company. As you can see, everyone at the shop takes great pride in their ownership and appreciates the generosity of our customers.

Where will Gary be Next?

Gary will be working a shift at our Wilton shop on Ballard Rd. in Gansevoort on January 17th from 9 am – 1 pm to celebrate them as a top Holiday Match collector in 2019.

And on January 31st from 9 am – 1 pm he will work in the Quaker Rd. shop in Queensbury to celebrate their growth over last year in Holiday Match collections!

Thank you to all of who have supported our Holiday Match program for the kids in our communities!