June is Dairy Month! Celebrate all Month Long with Stewart’s Shops

It's Diary Month! Durkee Dairy Farm

June is National Dairy Month, so this is the perfect time to share our appreciation for the family farms that provide us with quality milk all year long. Stewart’s Shops milk and chocolate milk have been named the BEST in New York State by Cornell University Department of Food Science. We pride ourselves on making fresh, great tasting milk, which we couldn’t do without our producers!

Take a look here at one of our longtime producers, Koval Brother’s Dairy Farm. They’ve been providing Stewart’s Shops with fresh milk for over 40 years! This 3rd generation family farm based in Stillwater, New York, has been operating since 1942. They milk over 400 cows and raise their own corn and hay to feed their herd. It’s local, family run farms like Koval Brother’s Dairy that make it possible for us to provide the quality dairy products you love.


Freshness is Guaranteed!

We source our raw milk from 20 dairy farms across Washington, Saratoga and Rensselaer counties, picking up over 25,000 gallons of milk each day and processing it at our dairy plant in Greenfield, NY.

When it comes to dairy products, buying local is key. Fresh milk, which is guaranteed at all Stewart’s Shops, is able to bypass the ultra-pasteurization process; a procedure where the milk is cooked at a very high temperature, for longer periods of time. This changes the taste of the milk; it doesn’t taste as fresh. Stewart’s requires that all milk be pasteurized for safety; however, the extremely high heat of the ultra-pasteurization process isn’t necessary. That’s because every carton of milk goes from farm to shop within 48 hours! Our milk tastes fresh, because it is!

We Are Your Dairy  In the 1960s we became Your Dairy Shop

Don’t Forget Your Milk Club Card

Want free milk? That’s what you get when you use your Stewart’s Milk Club Card! And it’s not just milk – Stewart’s half gallon juices and Refreshers count, too! You’ll get 1 punch for every half gallon you buy, and two punches for every gallon! 10 punches entitle you to a FREE ½ gallon of milk, juice, or drink or a ½ priced gallon of milk.

Love your Milk Club Card? Then you’ll definitely want a Scoop Club Card, too! Buy any 10 items from our ice cream counter and get your 11th free! Includes cones, sundaes, hand-packed pints, smoothies, milkshakes, and sherbet coolers. It’s Flavor Time!

Stewart's Milk club cardStewarts ice cream scoop club card