GasBuddy Has Confirmed It: Stewart’s Shops Has the Top Rated Restrooms in New York State!

Stewart's Shops Exterior

GasBuddy has recognized Stewart’s Shops for the top-rated restrooms in New York State.

GasBuddy is a site motorists use to find gas stations with the lowest gasoline prices. Over the past three years, they have been collecting data on the cleanest bathrooms among gas stations/convenience stores across the country. We are proud to say that they Stewart’s Shops was found to have the best facilities in New York State.

Not only are we a quick stop for gas, ice cream, essentials or a quick meal, we are proud to say that our partners take great pride in keeping our restrooms clean with the cooperation of our customers. Whether you’re on the road with your family or need something quick, stop at Stewart’s for the cleanest bathrooms and the BEST ice cream. We make your life easier.

Here’s what people are saying about Stewart’s Shops bathrooms:

@aheck1: “That’s why I stop there on the road. Fill up the tank, get a coffee and clean restrooms. It makes a difference.”

@tomnardacci: “No doubt about it, Stewart’s is the cleanest of all…”

@papa_bearr7: “During my long drive I always use a Stewart’s bathroom cause they really are clean. Also the cheap gas and delicious meatball sub doesn’t hurt.”

@KellyMateja: “When we’re marathon training, the neighborhood’s Stewart’s are always our go-to when we need to go.”