What Dad Really Wants: A NYRA Bets Gift Card for Father’s Day!

NYRA Bets Cards Available at Stewart's

If you need a gift idea for dad for Father’s Day, we have you covered!

Treat him to something he will LOVE, a NYRA Bets Gift Card. They’re available at more than 150 Stewart’s Shops across the Capital Region.

NYRA Bets Gift Cards are available exclusively at participating Stewart’s Shops in $50 denominations and may be used to fund both active and new NYRA Bets accounts.

What is a NYRA Bets Gift Card?
A NYRA Bets Gift Card is a preloaded card containing $50 to deposit in a NYRA Bets account, America’s leading online betting platform. Each card includes a unique four-digit PIN. After purchasing the gift card, fans enter the PIN into their new or existing NYRA Bets account. The $50 will be available immediately to use when betting with NYRA Bets.

How does it work?
Racing fans can also use the gift cards to bet online at hundreds of tracks nationwide, including during the Belmont Park spring meet, which runs through Sunday, July 11, and the Saratoga Race Course summer meet, which opens on Thursday, July 15, and continues through Monday, September 6.

Where and when will NYRA Bets Gift Cards be Available?
NYRA Bets Gift Cards will be available at these Stewart’s Shops April 25, 2021 through the conclusion of the Saratoga summer meet.

Do the cards expire?
No, NYRA Bets Gift Cards do not expire.

Are there processing fees?
There are no processing fees or premiums applied when purchasing or using a NYRA Bets Gift Card. NYRA Bets Gift Cards are available for purchase by cash only; credit cards are not accepted. For a complete list of participating Stewart’s Shops locations, visit LINK.

More Information about NYRA Bets
NYRA Bets is the official wagering platform of The New York Racing Association, Inc.

Fans who use NYRA Bets Gift Cards to open and fund a new account will automatically qualify for a sign-up bonus. Registering for a NYRA Bets account is free. Details are available at NYRABets.com.


New members earn a sign-up bonus when they open up their account. The NYRA Bets app is available for download today on iOS and Android at https://www.nyrabets.com/#sign-up-bonus