The Stewart’s Kitchen is Expanding to Meet Increased Need for Food to Go Options!

2023 Kitchen Expansion

Our made in the Stewart’s Kitchen chili, mac and cheese, sandwiches, and food to go options are SO popular, we’re having a hard time keeping up!

To fulfill the increased demand, we are expanding our kitchen operations at our manufacturing plant in Greenfield, NY. We will expand our commercial kitchen from 3,500 square feet to roughly 9,500 square feet. We will also be adding 3,000 square feet of refrigeration as a part of our commercial kitchen expansion! Construction will begin this summer and will be completed in the Spring of 2024!

We MOO (Make Our Own) For You! Our chefs are always busy making your favorites like, macaroni and cheese, chili, chicken alfredo, penne marinara, soups, egg/tuna/chicken salads and much more!

Have you ever wondered how we come up with new food ideas and what the process looks like? We interviewed Mike Kiernan in Food Safety to give you the inside scoop!

“We get our ideas for new products from a number of places. Our Research and Development team meets once a week, and it is a time where we share new ideas. We also get ideas from vendors and suppliers and last but not least, our Partners in the Shops! We hear from our Partners during Shop visits and recognition lunches. The next step is to test the idea. We gather the products and test them at our plant. We do many tastings starting with the Research and Development team, and then we have the Partners at the plant try it. If the item is well received, we share it with upper management. If all goes well, we are ready to set the item up as a new product,” Mike said.

Mike goes on to say, “we are very excited for the kitchen expansion! We have outgrown the current facility. Commissary made products help save labor in the shops. There have been many advancements in the Foodservice realm since the Commissary was built and we have learned a lot too. The new Commissary will be more efficient, flexible, and safer. We can continue to expand our offerings and change to meet the needs of our customers.”

Our kitchen isn’t the only thing expanding though! We are investing $50 million into 18 shops in 2023! We will be building new Shops plus renovating our existing Shops by adding more space for our customers, Partners and for all that food-to-go!

We Are Your Restaurant!