T.G.I.-Finished! Hoosick Street Stewart’s Shop Event

We celebrated our T.G.I.F. event at our Hoosick Street Stewart’s shop!

We rebuilt this shop and it’s finally open despite facing MANY obstacles. We didn’t move mountains, but we did have to move a house and build an enormous retaining wall for this grand project. Stewart’s Shops donated the house to the Troy Land Bank.

Susanne Spellen, Board Member of the Troy Land Bank and a historic preservationist showed her sincere appreciation for the preservation and donation of this house by Stewart’s Shops. She said, “This is especially wonderful, because for me, this is the fabric of Troy’s architecture. It is a great representation of the middle class and working class architecture in Troy. It really is such a shame that you see more of these buildings disappear; I am really thrilled that they were able to keep this one.”

Stewart’s Shops, Chairman of the Board said, “This is the celebration of a grand opening but also, it’s a moving house party. It has been a long and arduous process. We are as close to an entrance-way to Troy as there is. We would like to thank the people who have helped us get this far.”

The new shop has a beverage bar AND offers pizza. We expanded the interior layout and built a larger parking lot for better traffic flow. There is also a larger gas island with diesel.

We are closer to you.

Here are some highlights from the day:

TGIF (Thank Goodness It’s Finally Finished) Celebrating our Hoosick Street Shop from Stewart’s Shops Corp on Vimeo.

Also, take a look at what it took to make this shop possible in our video below:

Troy House Move with new shop from Stewart’s Shops Corp on Vimeo.


Transcript of The Grand Opening Video:

Hi I’m Chris from Stewart’s in Troy welcome to our TG if’ thank god it’s finally finished. This is such a unique project that we actually had to move a house to build the new store to expand the gas and give a bigger presentation to the customers. Because of the expansion it’s a lot more easier to get in and out for the gas. We doubled the size of the gas volume to make it more convenient for the customers to get in and out. We now have pizza, we have more variety of food, we have the beverage bar. The customers love the new design of the building they think it’s great they keep asking what’s on the second floor and we keep telling on my office. In honor of the grand opening we are actually donating the house we moved back to the Troy land bank. To move a potentially historic building and to do it at the cost that Stewart’s investing is really just amazed by it we really want to have this be something that is a benefit to the neighborhood here on 10th Street. This is the first corporate donation that the land bank has received so and it is as I said the best building that we have ever received so we appreciate it, I’m a historic preservationist and formed this is especially wonderful because this is part of the fabric of Troy’s architecture. It’s a very great representation of you know middle-class working-class architecture in Troy and it’s such a shame to see as people develop more and more that these buildings disappear and so I’m really thrilled that they were able to keep this one. Well it’s great to see reinvestment in the city of Troy it tells us that Stewart’s has confidence in our future they’ve been on this at this corner for decades the upgrade really enhances the entryway of the city, makes it look more modern more open the architecture fits in very well with our urban environment so we’re thrilled with the investment in Troy. It was really a pleasure to work with Stewart’s throughout the process I know is a long process and an expensive process but Stewart’s was right there as a responsible partner or the entire time. As you come over the bridge it’s one of the first things that people are going to see and think for people it’s going to be one of the first experiences they have whether it’s getting gas or buying food or communing with their friends and family here it’s wonderful opportunity and it speaks to the commitment that Stewart’s has to the Capital District and specifically rents on County. Hi I’m John Cory and I’m a longtime owner of the building across the street here across Hoosick Street the old historic firehouse it’s been there for 180 years now and I want to really say how much I appreciate what Stewart’s has done in making this very special building for this special site and to actually make the building that fits and enhances the neighborhood as much as this one does. Just grateful for that kind of attention to the neighborhood and the appreciation that the rest of us around here have for all Stewart’s does thank you so come and visit us at the new Hoosick Street store on the corner Hoosick Street  in downtown Troy.

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