Play our Stewart’s Shops 75th Anniversary Trivia for Your Chance to Win a $75 My Money Card!

Photo of a Stewart's Ice Cream Shop from 1945, with a "Trivia Time" wave.

Are you a dedicated Stewart’s Shops fan? If so, then we’ve got a fun challenge for you!

If you didn’t already know, Stewart’s Shops just celebrated our 75th Anniversary. We’re looking back on 75 years of rich Stewart’s history, and we want you to come along for the journey. We’ve compiled a list of fun facts and trivia questions, all related to unique moments in Stewart’s past. Think you can get them all right? Take a shot at the questions below and find out! We will be entering all customers who take the quiz into a drawing for a $75 Stewart’s My Money Card in honor of our 75th Anniversary.

Trivia Questions:

  • 2. Before the Dake Brothers purchased Stewart’s Ice Cream Co. in 1945 they had already gained plenty of fans through Dakes Delicious Ice Cream! By the end of their first year in 1917, the Dake Brothers had sold 4,000 gallons of ice cream. How many gallons did they sell in 1945?
  • 4. In 1955 Stewart’s Shops held a Mystery Flavors Contest where customers tried to guess 24 mystery ice cream flavors over the course of 8 weeks. The winner beat out thousands of other contestants to drive off with an incredible grand prize. What did they win?
  • 6. Stewart’s has recently made great strides in increasing our presence in the Adirondacks, where residents can have very limited access to food options. In the six million-acre Adirondack park there are only 5 McDonalds, 3 Dunkin Donuts, 5 Dollar Generals, 9 Tops Friendly Markets, and 1 Walmart. How many Stewart’s Shops are there?
  • 7. Our ice cream is so delicious, it’s good enough for a President! Which US president has had the honor of trying Stewart’s Ice Cream? Hint: This was gifted to the President in the form of a 150-pound ice cream cake!
  • 9. Our shops today have plenty of “Make Your Own” options for our customers such as Make Your Own Coffee, Make Your Own Hot Dogs, and the well-known Make Your Own Sundae. Who invented our Make Your Own Sundae?
  • 10. In the 1950s Stewart’s Shops owned a pretty impressive vehicle that some lucky customers got to take a ride in. What was the vehicle?

Submissions will be accepted through Friday, October 16th. Partners and families are not eligible to win, but are more than welcome to play!

Official Rules:
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