Over 21,000 Ice Cream Cones Enjoyed on Halloween

Over 21,000 costumed characters celebrated with an ice cream cone this year!

A costume earned you a 50¢ cone at Stewart’s Shops on Halloween. More than 21,000 were served up — that’s a lot of ice cream!

Thanks for celebrating with us and look for these other special deals to come:

Election Day – Tuesday, 11.6.18
Do-Nut Forget to Vote! We’re offering 50¢ donuts (all day, any flavor) on Election Day at all Stewart’s Shops to remind you to head to the polls.

Veterans Day – Sunday, 11.11.18
In honor of our veterans and those who continue to serve our country, all Stewart’s customers will be able to enjoy a 50¢ single scoop cone.

It’s flavor time!