Iced Coffee and Cold Brew: Here’s the Difference

Iced coffee and cold brew are delicious, refreshing options for coffee enthusiasts. They’re both served over ice and can be made just the way you like it! But they have some key differences.

Traditional iced coffee is steeped in hot water before cooled down and served over ice. Cold brew coffee grinds are steeped in cold or room temperature water for 12 hours. This creates a unique coffee experience with a smooth, well-balanced flavor with all the caffeine to help you through your day. Many enjoy it black because it is less acidic than traditional coffee.

Both are very tasty! It’s all about preference and how you want to make it!

If you’re like a lot of the caffeine connoisseurs in Upstate NY, your coffee experience doesn’t end there. You need the perfect complement — Stewart’s Half and Half. Just the right blend of fresh and local milk and cream to take your coffee to the next level. Also, available in unsweetened French Vanilla!

With so many to choose from, what’s your flavor?