Congratulations to the Stewart’s Moovers Club

The Moovers Club has been recognized for exhibiting outstanding leadership, selling and training skills.  Each Moover received a Stewart’s jacket and were also treated to lunch with President Gary Dake and Senior VP David Caruso. We congratulate the partners and thank them for their teamwork and ownership.

Left to Right, Front to Back
Jessieca McNabb — Assistant Manager, Zena Rd (District 16)
Shannon Williams — Audit (District 21)
Dave DeBrocky — Manager, Wynantskill (District 1)
Tyler Bates — Corporate Audit (Ridge)
Jeremy Carpenter — District Staff (District 19)
Josh Tagliamonte — Partner, Boonville (District 18)
Not pictured:
Doug Ryan — Maintenance (District 13)
Dave White — Merchandising (Plant)