3 Things that Determine a Great Cup of Coffee

If you’re a coffee drinker, you know how great it is to walk into your favorite coffee shop and smell that wonderful aroma. But what elements make up a truly great cup of coffee?

1.The Brew

First, the brew must be just right. 100% Arabica coffee, perfectly roasted and steeped in hot water to release those amazing smells that pull us coffee drinkers in. Especially if it’s one of the flavored coffees like Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Caramel Cream, Richer Roast… or a seasonal flavor like Blueberry or Pumpkin! Stewart’s even has decaf (hot and iced!) if you want an afternoon coffee that won’t keep you up all night. If you drink your coffee black, it’s all you need.

There are even more options if you’re a cold coffee drinker. Traditional iced coffee is steeped in hot water before cooled down and served over ice. Cold brew coffee is a bit different. The coffee grinds are steeped in cold or room temperature water for 12 hours. This creates a unique coffee experience with a smooth, well-balanced flavor with all the caffeine to help you through your day. Many enjoy it black because it is less acidic than traditional coffee.

2. The Cream

If you’re like a lot of the caffeine connoisseurs in Upstate NY, your coffee experience doesn’t end there. You need the perfect complement — Stewart’s Half and Half. Just the right blend of fresh and local milk and cream to take your coffee to the next level. Also, available in unsweetened French Vanilla!

Or maybe you’d like even more flavor options. The way you craft your coffee is all about preference and taste. Stewart’s also offers International Delight creamer flavors like Hazelnut and French Vanilla, along with seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Spice, for those that like a little extra flavor in their coffee.

3. The Experience

What can really set a coffee apart, is the experience you have while you’re at Stewart’s. There are many places where you place your order with no guarantee that it will be made just right. The ability to visually see your coffee, the steam rising out of that freshly made glass pot, and then make it yourself, no guessing if they put in the right amount of cream or sugar… that will guarantee you a coffee like no other. Plus, the smiling face that greets you when you check out or the possibility of running into a friend while you’re there.

Having your coffee shop closer to you makes it taste even better (Or at least we think so). The flavors stay so fresh because we sell so much — Stewart’s Shops sells over 1 million cups of coffee every year!

How do you make your coffee? With so many to choose from, what’s your flavor?