$10M Scratch-off Winner at Liverpool Shop

A customer who won the top prize on the $10,000,000 Cash scratch-off game was presented with his large check, at our Liverpool shop Thursday. David Kowalski was driving home from Easter dinner when he stopped at our shop at 7667 Morgan Road, to cash in a $50 winner. He kept $20 and put the other $30 towards buying this ticket, which was a big winner! He’ll end up taking home a lump sum of over $6.5 million after taxes.

This is actually the SECOND time someone has hit the $10 million jackpot on this same scratch-off game at Stewart’s Shops! James and Sylvia Silverence claimed their prize back in January – a ticket they purchased at one of our Poughkeepsie locations. Read their story here.

Maybe Stewart’s Shops is your lucky shop!!