‘Tis the season for Stewart’s Eggnog

Stewart's Eggnog

Tis’ the season for Stewart’s Eggnog and ugly sweaters.

We’ve combined both with our new Eggnog packaging and our delicious Premium and Light Eggnog. Eggnog is great on its own, in mixed drinks and even in French toast. (see below for our own French toast recipe)

Stewart’s Eggnog is so delicious because it’s made with quality ingredients including fresh & local milk sourced from 20 local dairy farms across Washington and Saratoga counties. Stewart’s Eggnog is often a fan favorite because it is SO good.

Our Eggnog is Rated #1
The quality of Stewart’s eggnog is what makes it stand out from the rest! Syracuse.com ranked Stewart’s Eggnog #1! Both local and national brands were taste-tested, including a couple of non-dairy options, and Stewart’s fresh and local Premium Eggnog came out victorious at #1!

Here is what the judges said:

“The ideal balance of sweetness, spice and vanilla custard flavors, this eggnog had it all. “This creamy mixture is eggnog the way it should be,” judge Don Cazentre said. This nog coats your mouth like a proper eggnog should, but you won’t feel like you need to brush your teeth.

Even better news, this is one of the few eggnogs you can get year-round and is also available by the pint. So, if you want to celebrate Christmas in July, not only can you still buy eggnog, but you’ll get the best commercially-available eggnog around.”

While it tastes great on its own, why not add it to your breakfast traditions at home? Just watch how easy it is to make Eggnog French Toast! You can also find the recipe right on the carton!

 Eggnog French Toast

2 Stewart’s eggs
1 cup of Stewart’s Eggnog
½ tsp Cinnamon
8 slices of Stewart’s White Bread
4 tbsp. Stewart’s Butter
3 tbsp Cooking Oil

Beat eggs with cinnamon. Mix in Eggnog. Add butter and oil gradually to hot pan. Place both sides of bread in egg mixture. Cook both sides until golden brown. Serve immediately, or freeze slices to enjoy at a later time.

The reviews are in:

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