Stewart’s Shops Made the Switch to Plant Based Straws

New compostable straw

Stewart’s Shops recently made the switch from plastic straws to plant-based straws. The replacement straws are made from corn and are 100% renewable, BPI certified compostable and they are ASTM compliant. In a composting environment these straws will completely degrade in less than six months.

Although the company’s straw usage is minimal, Stewart’s Shops is looking to the switch to help where they can. Stewart’s already offers wooden coffee stirrers as a more environmentally friendly option for customers.

As a company, Stewart’s is always looking at small ways to make positive environmental impacts. This new plant-based straw will help to reduce the number of harmful plastics that end up in our environment.

*Please note, these straws should not be used with hot liquids.

Stewart’s Shops recycles     compostable straws Stewarts reusable bag

Stewart’s Continued Pursuit for Greener Solutions

  • In many areas, local farms pick up coffee grounds from their Stewart’s Shop for composting.
  • Stewart’s 10 Vermont shops are powered by hydroelectricity.
  • 6 tons of cardboard are recycled every single day.
  • Stewart’s Shops manufacturing plant has 2,400 individual solar panels on its rooftop, which offsets $40k in energy costs a year. This is the environmental equivalent of taking 80 cars off the road each year.
  • Stewart’s offsets 75% of the power of 17 locations with an offsite solar location in Halfmoon, NY.
  • Stewart’s recycles more than four and a half million pounds of cardboard, office paper, plastic, metal, and light bulbs recycled annually.
  • Our new shops and remodeled shops all feature LED lighting.
  • To avoid waste, reusable plastic containers including totes, dairy cases, ice cream baskets and bread trays are used.
  • We sell and encourage the use of reusable coffee mugs. Customers can fill their travel mugs for only $1.20/ cup.
  • Reusable shopping bags are available in all our shops for .99 cents.