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milk-best-milk We all love the energy of the farmers’ market, but we can’t always get there. Stewart’s Shops is your farmers’ market, all year long. We have fresh, local products from farmers who we know personally. We pick up milk daily from more than 30 local farms near our Dairy. It’s pasteurized and bottled the same day, and then it’s out on refrigerated trucks and in our shops’ coolers within 48 hours. If you want fresher milk, you’d have to get a cow!
milk-process Stewart’s high quality milk can be found in numerous products that the company carries in its shops. We’re a participant in the ‘Pride of New York’ program, offering milk in whole, 1%, 2%, skim, lactose free, chocolate, strawberry and cappuccino varieties. We also make our own buttermilk, eggnog, half and half, heavy cream, lactose free milk and dairy shakes.

Our Farmers’ Pledge

At Stewart’s Shops, we only collect milk from local, family farms that meet our high standards for milk quality and the proper treatment of animals. This means milk free of added hormones and antibiotics. We care for the milk ourselves, from the farm to you, and we all take pride in the integrity of our product. We know all of our farmers personally. We visit their farms and see their cows nearly every day. That’s why we stand behind their continued pledge to refrain from using rBST. To learn more about rBST, visit our FAQ page.

What else is unique about our milk?

Our Fat Free milk is fortified with non-fat milk solids which makes it look and taste more like higher fat milks. This also adds more calcium and vitamins for our customers.We make our chocolate milk with low-fat milk (1%), and strawberry milk with reduced fat milk (2%). Our flavored milks come in re-sealable, pint sized recyclable bottles.

Gluten-free Dairy

milk-refreshers Premium Eggnog
Light Eggnog
Strawberry Milk
1% Chocolate Milk
Whole Milk
1% Milk
2% Milk
Skim Milk
Decaf Iced Coffee Base
Iced Coffee Base

Stewart’s Milk Club Card

milk-club-card Our Milk Club program provides over 900,000 FREE ½ gallons of Stewart’s dairy fresh milk, juice, and tea annually. Now you can start getting your FREE milk too! Any ½ gallon of Stewart’s milk, juice, or refresher drinks purchased earns you 1 stamp on your card. Any gallon of Stewart’s milk earns you 2 stamps on your card. 10 stamps entitles you to a FREE ½ gallon of milk, juice, or drink or ½ priced gallon of milk. For simplicity reasons, your card is valid only at the shop that stamps it. For your convenience, the shop can even hold onto your card for you.